Our Clubhouse Welcomes You

Clubhouse Reservations

• $100.00 Clubhouse Rental Fee

Weekdays (Monday - Thursday)

• $200.00 Security Fee

Weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

• $300.00 Security Fee

Online reservation system with digital payment is coming,
after the clubhouse remodel is completed!

Starting around June 12th 2023 the Clubhouse will be under construction. Mid-September Pool bathrooms will have an extensive remodel done.

Later in the year, we will be expanding the building to add a separate room for rental for such things as exercise, gaming, and activities.

What's included at the Clubhouse?

6 outside chairs on porch

49 black folding chairs

2 long tables approx 8 ft

1 small table approx 4 ft

7 short tables approx 5.5 ft

2 large couches seat 3 ea. 3 Column

2 chairs, seat 1 ea.

6 dining room chairs

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Clubhouse Cleaning Checklist (CCC)

Here is a list of items on the cleaning checklist when reserving the Clubhouse:


Clean all counters and sink

Clean stove, oven and microwave

Clean refrigerator- inside and out

Clean restroom sink and toilet

Restore furniture to original position

Wipe all tables

Sweep and mop all floors

Vacuum carpet

Wipe and put away folding tables

Wipe chairs and put away

Remove all decorations and tape

Replace trash can bags, including in restroom

Empty and remove trash from premises

Clean all entrance/exit door glass


Tidy up- remove all trash


Close and lock windows

Turn off all kitchen appliances

Turn off lights

Lock doors (back and front)

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The TGCMD owns and maintains the clubhouse and swimming pool located at East Belleview Avenue and East Bellewood Drive.

• Residents may stop by the Clubhouse to drop off rental agreements, view the facility or to pick up pool key cards.

• Management hours are as follows:

• 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays each month – 9:30am to 3:30 pm

• 4th Tuesday each month EXCEPT for November and December – 12:30pm - 6:00pm